Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Digital marketing play a big role to help eCommerce companies plan their brand, product priorities, maintain inventories accordingly and reflect these updates real time on their websites and social media.  Brand Awareness and maintenance has spread beyond the common channels such as websites, word of mouth into social channels, web searches etc.

Our AI, ML and Digital Marketing Framework for eCommerce and associated services add value by optimizing Operational costs to add dynamism and proactiveness to planning.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and ML stands for Machine Learning.  AI helps improve decision making and ML models help crunch large volumes of data to observe patterns and tailor business models based on those.  AI helps run actions or tasks with a greater efficiency than humans. ML helps learn at runtime from existing data and tailor processes automatically.  Digital Marketing helps increase brand and product awareness to rank high in cyberspace against competition.

Our AI, ML and Digital Marketing Framework delivers cost savings and process improvements. The Framework delivers ROI for eCommerce use-cases such as increasing brand awareness, dynamic product placements, tailor offers and promotions based on customer behavioral analytics, price determination and personalized campaigns. This Framework helps implement a proactive and measurable business model based on Analytics, AI and ML and can address the needs of eCommerce companies.

Our AI, ML and Digital marketing Framework and associated services portfolio comprises of a combination of following:

· Digital Marketing Audit and SEO revamp

· Website Audit and augment web security if needed

· UI / UX Audit and incorporating feedback

· Increasing Social Media footprint

· Improving marketing campaigns

· Implementing Integrated Buyer Analytics

· Implementing Product Analytics

· Improving effectiveness of campaigns and analytics using AI & ML

· Measuring Business ROI and feedback using Analytics, AI & ML

· Providing prescriptive AI &ML Models that include any analytics (e.g. Google / Shopify) used in existing eCommerce site.

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AI, ML and Digital Marketing Framework for eCommerce

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