I am part of Trims Tech Digital Marketing team and have been involved in successful implementation of Digital Marketing initiatives for customers across North America.   In this blog post I would be sharing my thoughts on brand awareness.

Businesses today are forced to be highly competitive to keep their brand on top of people’s mind.  Brand awareness plays a crucial role on business success. The ever-changing dynamic market scenario fosters a pressure on Start-ups and Mid Size Companies to be more innovative, to increase their brand awareness.

Following are major factors that every business needs to have an eye on when they measure their Brand awareness level:

  • Direct Website Traffic and Keywords

Direct Website Traffic indicates the visitors who use the web address to land on their desired website. Direct traffic details of a particular website can be found using Google analytics associated with the website.

Login to Google Analytics -> Acquisition -> All Traffic->Channels->Direct Users

This direct traffic user number gives you an idea of your brand awareness level.

  • Keywords Search Volume

Brand awareness level can be validated through the search volume of your brand keywords.  This can be identified through Google ads where you can have the Key word plan options. The keyword ideas option will let you know the strength of your keyword in the Google search and its competition level, known as the search volume.

  • Social Media Signals

Social media channels help measure the business brand awareness. Social Medias like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. have greater influence on increasing brand awareness; hence no business can miss out on these.  Businesses need to be more active on social platforms so that they can get people engaged and that will result in their brand awareness. Through statistics like no. of likes, shares, impressions and comments, your brand awareness level can be measured.

  • Reviews

Reviews are essential elements that describe the rating of your product / service. When you get frequent greater reviews of your product / service, your brand awareness will spread more.

  • Increase in Sales

Whenever you find an increase in your Product sales and number of clients, it is a clear indicator that your brand has increased its reach among the target audience.

  • Survey Forms

Survey forms are a traditional yet powerful method to get to know about your brand’s awareness level. A set of related questions that measure brand awareness are listed with options and people must pick an option through which, you can conclude about your brand awareness level.

Trims Tech (www.trimstech.com) measures and helps increase Brand awareness.  Trims Tech is a Microsoft and WSO2 Partner and provides Digital Marketing Services to customers in North America and Europe besides Digital Transformation Consultancy, Technology based Services such as RPA, AI and ML, Migration to Cloud (Dynamics 365, O365, Azure, AWS etc.), Power Apps / Power BI and Managed Services such as IaaS.

Key Metrics that measure the level of Brand Awareness of Start-ups and mid-size Companies

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